Art Department - Sun Comes Up

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  • There's a point five minutes into Art Department's new single when you feel compelled to check the track length. The Canadian duo of Kenny Glasgow and Jonny White have a reputation for languor and coolness, but at an unhurried 114 BPM and clocking in at almost nine minutes, "Sun Comes Up" outstays its welcome by some distance. With its sense of menace and mewing synths, it sounds like something on Crosstown Rebels circa 2004 (Art Department, of course, have released music for Damian's Lazarus' label). The remix by Mind Against—the brothers Alessandro and Federico Fognini, best known for their work on Life And Death—doesn't have to try too hard to outmaneuver the original, but does so with aplomb. The word 909 in the remix title telegraphs its intentions, but no matter—their brand of sprawling, organic techno still has a few surprises to reveal. (Xylophones, anyone?) It's a display of intrigue lacking from the A-side.
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      A Sun Comes Up B Sun Comes Up (Mind Against 909 Remix)