Daniel Avery - Naive Response / Reception (Danny Daze / Perc Remixes)

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  • The response to Daniel Avery's early EPs and debut album would suggest this release, which sees Danny Daze and Perc rework two great examples of the London producer's sound, won't be the last remix package we see of his recent work. Daze's take on mid-album highlight "Naive Response" is a lower-key proposition than the vivid, multi-directional original, with a fragment of the track's "get into the state" vocal motif looped and repurposed as a surrogate hi-hat intro. The addition of scurrying hats, varying synth digressions and more loops from the whispered vocal makes for a subtle and interesting rework, but it never excites quite as much as the original. On the flip, London's Perc turns in a remix of "Reception." An industrial techno pounder from the get-go, it kicks off with a gleaming mechanical riff and a snarled vocal snippet that could have been sampled from a black metal track. A sudden switch takes the original's lolloping synth chords and clads them in steel, before that early riff and vocal part return. It's simple, compelling and definitely not for the faint-hearted.
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      A Naive Response (Danny Daze Remix) B Reception (Perc Remix)