Various - Elements EP

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  • With its new various-artists EP Elements, the Netherlands-based ESHU Records looks abroad on the A-side, before returning closer to home on the flip. The UK's Aepiel, a purveyor of dubby, spaced out techno, starts things off with "Cache." A beatless, barely-there spread of field recordings and feathery drones, it brings to mind the hazier efforts of the Deepchord/Echospace axis. Hakimonu's "Cadence 1/Native A," which was digitally self-released a few years ago, is my favorite track here. Shuffling intimately at 115 BPM and featuring the Israeli producer's distinctively soft percussion and warm, vibrant synths, it's still fresh—and, like most of his music, it sounds unlike anything I've heard from anyone else. Representing The Netherlands are two relatively more established acts, each turning in more forceful, floor-friendly efforts. Albert van Abbe takes a break from his own imprint, No Comment, to offer up a cut of tunneling, minimalist techno that's permeated by eerily forlorn sighs. Counterpart, the veteran duo of Dimi Angélis and Jeroen Search, closes out the release with "Drastic," a sparse but spritely track led by bright synth toots and a staccato, half-bar bassline. It completes a B-side made for the dancers, while the front half of the record should appeal to the dreamers.
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      A1 Aepiel - Caché A2 Hakimonu - Cadence 1 / Native A B1 Albert Van Abbe - Untitled B2 Counterpart - Drastic