Move D - The KM20 Tapes (1992-1996)

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  • This EP on Jordan Czamanski's new Off Minor label is the first of an occasional series that gathers early Move D material, originally recorded to tape in the early years of the celebrated Heidelberg producer's career. Czamanski and Move D have worked together previously as two thirds of Magic Mountain High, and Moufang has, as Czamanski told RA in August, given him access to "a ton" of these old tracks. On this evidence, the series will be worth following. Delicious acid lines permeate nearly everything here, ranging from the club-ready ("Ovi Riese") to the ethereal ("Ground Zero"), and each track seems to emanate from a different strand of Moufang's later musical development. Opener "Kriek - Animals" is pure Martian ambience, all warming pads and spacey effects. "Ovi Riese" is pummelling peaktime acid with a darkly funky, skull-rattling bassline, while "Ground Zero" heads for more expansive and experimental ground, unassuming acid lines rubbing against skittering snares and Artificial Intelligence-style synth chords. The emotive ambient techno of "Picking Flowers For You (Off Major)" could be an outtake from Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works 85-92, while "March Of The Cheesecrackers" somehow evokes its title perfectly in its oddness and hypnotic crunchiness.
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      A1 Kriek - Animals A2 Ovi Riese B1 Ground Zero B2 Picking Flowers For You (Off Major) B3 March Of The Cheesecrackers