Rrose - Monad XVI

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  • Rrose returns to Stroboscopic Artefacts following his remix for Dadub back in January, and this time he's given a spot on the Berlin imprint's always consistent (and sadly digital-only) Monad series. The enigmatic producer has over the past few years been working with an elemental approach to techno that's as mental as it is physical, and here, aligned nicely with Monad's experimental theme, he goes even deeper than usual, resulting in perhaps his most compelling work yet. The EP is all about patient builds and dissolves, chockfull of heady goodness. Opener "Onceless" is drenched with wide-open drones and echoed clangs, and goes un-anchored by a kick drum for more than three minutes. "The Stare" is the only track here that starts right away with a kick, but it still shows great restraint, only gradually letting its swirling synths and rushing cymbals reach their maximum brain-chopping intensity. "Kneeling" is essentially beat-less as it falls into a yawning abyss, but its kaleidoscopic sirens, bleeping in and out of sync with each other, create a tangle of movement on the way down. Finally there's "Wet Silk Will," a 100 BPM cut that you might remember from the early goings of Rrose's RA podcast last year. Using discordant, high-pitched melodies that seem to come from some shamanistic woodwind instrument, it completes a half hour of fantastically out-there techno soundscapes best heard from front to back.
  • Tracklist
      01. Onceless 02. The Stare 03. Kneeling 04. Wet Silk Will