Jay Daniel - Scorpio Rising EP

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  • Theo Parrish's approval creates high expectations, but on Scorpio Rising Jay Daniel appears unfazed. Though he's a resident DJ at Kyle Hall's Fundamental's party in Detroit, Daniel is still a relative unknown, something that's likely to change with this debut release on Sound Signature. Scorpio Rising is crustier and trackier than "Flowers," Andrew Ashong's jangly jam that Parrish similarly plucked from obscurity in 2012, but it's an equally mature release with plenty of personality in the elemental grooves. "No Love Lost" has the tension of a chase scene, with hiccupping kicks, sputtering hi-hats and a bassline that fades in and out of coherence. Synthesizer flashes and trails of decay flesh out the arrangement, but the intention is corrosive simplicity. "Brainz" is more insistent, but the loops still feel like they're made of cardboard and toothpicks. A three-note melody on "Bubble Cougar" repeats lazily over what's otherwise Scorpio Rising's lushest moment, matched by undulating chords and a cosmic warmth. You can sense Daniel's confidence as he twists snare rolls and other desiccated percussion into firecracker bursts on "I Have No Name." It's a fine closer for an EP that shows an artist on the rise.
  • Tracklist
      A1 No Love Lost A2 Brainz B1 I Have No Name B2 Bubble Cougar