COMA - In Technicolour Remixed

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  • Although Cologne duo Marius Bubat and Georg Conrad's debut album sometimes misfired, its overarching pop sensibility made it ripe for a good remixing. Terranova kick this remix EP off with their take on "Out Of Control." They excise the plinking piano line of the original and foreground its sharp, slightly acidy shards of synth. Deliberate bass, claps and low piano notes complete a steady, contemplative brew. "Les Dilettantes," an impish little no wave nugget in its original form, is stretched into a meandering eight-minute, bass-driven jam by Cologne producer Roosevelt. Zombies In Miami close out the 12-inch package with their rework of "Cycle." One of In Technicolour's standout moments, "Cycle"'s blissful, tumbling arps and handclaps are turned into a more ominous beast. A big rolling bassline, muted industrial clangs and synth tinkles coalesce slowly to give a similar slow-build experience to the original but with darker ingredients. The digital release includes bonus remixes of "Missing Piece" by Rotkraft and Computer Camp. The former takes the original's distorted pop and adds jaunty keys and rolling drums, while the latter's version unfolds over several acts of submerged bass, vocals and sweeping strings, before finally giving way to a floor-ready beat.
  • Tracklist
      A Out Of Control (Terranova Mix) B1 Les Dilettantes (Roosevelt Mix) B2 Cycle (Zombies In Miami Mix) Digital: Missing Piece (Computer Camp Mix) Digital: Missing Piece (Rotkraft Mix)