Yves De Mey - Transfer

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  • Modal Analysis returns with an EP from Yves De Mey, who makes his second appearance on the Athens label. De Mey recently proved (again) his versatility with the still-fresh Metrics four-tracker for Opal Tapes, and here his two originals home in on especially dark, nerve-wracking vibes. The results are not as wide-ranging as Metrics, but are certainly the sort of stuff that sound designers and experimentally inclined heads will want to sink their teeth into. "Transfer#1"'s deliciously thick bass hums, coming in waves instead of discrete beats, are layered with finely sculpted industrial drones and ribbons of feedback. "Transfer#2," which stomps sullenly at 110 BPM beneath graying clouds of sound, sees De Mey merging syncopated kick drums and basslines both fuzzy and sinewy. As is usual for Modal Analysis, the EP is completed by a remix, which this time comes from Shifted. He's become one of the techno scene's go-to remixers, having done around 20 of them over the past few years, but while his take on "Transfer#1," with all its ticking trebles and grainy textures, might do decent work on the floor, it feels way too safe, especially compared to De Mey's intrepid experiments.
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      A1 Transfer#1 A2 Transfer#2 B Transfer#1 (Shifted Remix)