Pearson Sound - HES026

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  • Pearson Sound's tracks may be needle-precise, drum-led and clearly geared for club use, but they never sound like functional DJ tools. Instead, the style he's been refining since his Ramadanman days, located in a sweet spot somewhere between dubstep, house and techno, achieves an awful lot with very little. Popping finger clicks, splashy snares and a brutal kick form the rhythmic core of "Lola," the first track from this latest release for his Hessle Audio label. Exacting percussion and a grimy synth loop complete the minimalist landscape. "Power Drumsss" is centred on a snare pattern that could take an eye out, corrosive synth chords and fathom-deep kicks, all of which descend into a gritty wash that tails away teasingly. The closing track, "Starburst," is vintage Pearson Sound, all muscular, junglist drums and icy strings interlocked with greyscale synth stabs. This is pared-down stuff, to be sure, but the addition of anything else would only be clutter.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Lola A2 Power Drumsss B Starburst