Stray - Matchsticks EP

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  • For his debut EP on Exit, Stray, mostly successfully, splices together fast-paced club genres. For example, "Bounce That," a collaboration with Fracture, is a hybrid of jungle, footwork and drum & bass. The "bounce that" sample is fairly pedestrian, but gets swallowed up in a flurry of clipped snares and double-time rhythms. "Dropping Bombs" is similarly high-octane, as Stray pairs frenetic percussion with cheap-sounding synth lines and a butchered vocal sample. "Prof Proper," on the other hand, is a little bland, kinetic but lacking in the soulfulness and idiosyncrasy that makes footwork so exciting. The tempo and atmosphere relax on the EP closer "Matchsticks," a simple, glitchy and pleasantly melodic hip-hop instrumental. Its is an odd fit with the other, faster tracks, and it seems bizarre to name an EP after the outlier, but it just about works as a mellow closer.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Prof Popper A2 Dropping Bombs B1 Bounce That feat. Fracture B2 Matchsticks