FCL - Holding Our Nick

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  • FCL's follow-up to the summer-dominating "It's You" is unlikely to inspire quite the same clamour as its predecessor, which went from a white label that was traded on Discogs as though pressed on saffron rather than vinyl, to being licensed by Defected with remixes by Mr Fingers and MK. Not bad for a spartan cover of an ESP classic. It's perhaps a nod to how unusual a record "It's You" was that the press release doesn't even mention it, preferring instead to flag up 2010's "Let's Go" as "Holding Our Nick"'s natural predecessor. Which is fair enough. Where "It's You" was all about that chilling vocal, the follow-up sees San Soda and Red D dust off their synths for an analogue jam that lives and dies by its bassline, a gloriously funky beast that bounces like a pinball through claps and organ stabs. Both remixes dial back the original's hands-in-the-air vibe for something tougher. Wolf Music's Frits Wentink is the least drastic departure, embellishing the foundations with a dubby synth that winds through strident drums. Locked Groove opts for total reconstruction. Joy turns to paranoia as he punches a discordant string line through billowing stabs. Nothing here is likely to catch the ear of Defected, but "Holding Our Nick" should please both FCL's long term fans and their recent converts.
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      A1 Holding Our Nick A2 Holding Our Nick (Frits Wentink Remix) B Holding Our Nick (Locked Groove Remix)