Stenny & Andrea - Vostok Smokescreen

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  • Stenny's Solstice Deity EP from earlier this year saw the Italian newcomer referencing Shed, shrouding weighty breakbeats in ethereal fog for a record that was intriguing if not terribly original. He's now teamed up with fellow Turin resident Andrea for a second release on the Zenker Brothers' Ilian Tape, which takes the same themes but dresses them up in early '90s IDM, reflecting the widening approach of the ever-promising techno label. There's something universal about "SEA (The Time Gate)," like you've heard the chord progression somewhere else before. That feeling isn't abated by the creaky synths that fly in later, casting it in the amber hues of early Aphex Twin. "Passage" captures the fizzy ambience of early Autechre, bathing its steel breakbeats in pillowy pads and a melancholic arpeggio. "Hera" percolates steadily, like a dance floor slow-burner, but it's "How The Story Ends" that really impresses, pitting anxious breaks against a moody baseline. With hints of Machinedrum's fast footwork, it's ballsier but still lighter than your average techno banger, hinting that the duo are capable of more than just aping their heroes.
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      A1 Stenny & Andrea - SEA (The Time Gate) A2 Andrea - Hera B1 Andrea - Passage B2 Stenny - How The Story Ends