Nadia Ksaiba - Virtual Lover

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  • Nadia Ksaiba has been DJing for some time, holding down residencies at Our Disco and Say Yes in London and hosting the radio show Rhythm Connection. After recording with Matt Waites as G&S, she spreads her wings on Virtual Lover, both her first solo record and first vocal record. Where the G&S material was aimed at a dance floor niche, "Virtual Lover" is a pop song, and a very good one at that. Ksaiba's sweet vocal and the spring-heeled electronics surrounding it conjure positive comparisons with Midnight Star, The Twins and any number of other '80s pop acts. The dub version, in the best tradition of the form, stretches the original out into a languid, reverb-soaked treat, while Jimmy Edgar's fabulous remix transports us squarely back into the nightclub. Anchored by a direct and hugely funky bass riff, it picks up the pace and embellishes the vocal with robotic effects and lashings of echo. You'll no doubt be dancing to these two mixes often in the coming weeks and months.
  • Tracklist
      01. Virtual Lover 02. Virtual Lover (Dub) 03. Virtual Lover (Jimmy Edgar Remix) 04. Virtual Lover (Jimmy Edgar Instrumental)