Shape Worship - Throughways / Basf Spiral

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  • Shape Worship's latest single may be house music in the technical sense, but elements of dub, IDM and ambient come through as strongly as its four-to-the-floor backbone. The warm beat of "Throughways" pulsates like thickened liquid, overlain with gossamer textures and wistful pads. "Basf Spiral" evokes a similarly hazy euphoria. Here Shape Worship's trick is to add a new shimmering element to the mucky thumps every couple of bars—a colourful synth swirl, a delicate vocal. The parts merge into a heated tangle and then separate again, until the kick reasserts itself as the track's focal point. Dave Saved's remix of "Throughways" is suitably woozy. He largely strips out the percussion for the first half and stretches synth lines in every direction, squashing the froth of the original into a scramble of gurgles. He reintroduces drums in the second half, but they're so slow moving and buried that they only reinforce the track's treacly quality. G.O.D.'s remix of the same song retains all its fuzziness but is more solemn. The original's daze becomes pure melancholy, the occasional open snare hit only underlining the loneliness of the disembodied vocals and elegiac synth lines. It sounds less like dance music, and more like the impression of it based on a fuddled memory.
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      A1 Throughways A2 Basf Spiral B1 Throughways (G.O.D. Remix) B2 Throughways (Dave Saved Remix)