Various Artists - Zero Point One

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  • Less an EP, more a mini-album, former Instra:mental man Damon Kirkham presents an impressive lineup of guests for his new vinyl-only Zero series. It's Kirkham himself, in his Jon Convex guise, who kicks things off. "Move" features Jimmy Edgar's heavily treated vocals—devilish and threatening—on a skeletal, aggressive track. It's a half-stepping stomp with drums that thud like anti-aircraft fire and frantic acidic patterns. Brief and somewhat maudlin, Wraetlic's "Incapacity Benefit" is twisted, glacial alt-hip hop. Aussie producer Light Year, best known for his releases for Sydney techno mavens Motorik, lays down some oppressive synths and military snares to counteract Louisahh's breathy, Bats For Lashes-style vocals. Convex takes a more melodic approach on his second offering, "Day After Day"; in fact, the rattling synth wobble that snakes through record isn't a million miles away from trance. So much so, when the track makes way for Sei A's contribution, it's something of a shock to the system. Andy Graham has a way with rude, acid basslines and "Menchy" is no exception. A pounding beat, like cops knocking at your front door, merely adds to the feeling of unease. Like Graham, J.Tijn has been on a roll in recent months, and his rollicking "Rough Edge," all reversed synths and squeaking UK garage vocals, is possibly the collection's best submission. As an EP it's uneven in places, but that's understandable given the breadth of talent on show.
  • Tracklist
      01. Jon Convex feat. Jimmy Edgar - Move 02. Wraetlic - Incapacity Benifit 03. Light Year feat. Louisahh - Inside 04. Jon Convex - Day After Day 05. Sei A - Menchy 06. J. Tijn - Rough Edge