Martin Buttrich & Davide Squillace - Apart From Us

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  • Like Tale Of Us before them, Martin Buttrich and Davide Squillace aren't names you'd readily associate with Minus. The Ibiza mainstays, alongside their partner in crime Matthias Tanzmann, are more associated with a fulsome tech house sound than the reduced style of Richie Hawtin's label. On this two-tracker, the pair combine their sound with Minus's darker, glitchier approach. "LA Riot," named after Buttrich's city of residence, has a certain aggressiveness. A rocking bassline, which is gradually layered with a controlled cacophony of metallic splurges, electrified synths and a hollow male vocal, propels the track forward. It's devilish techno, but with a house thrust. "BCN Motion" (Squillace lives in Barcelona) isn't quite as vicious, and as a result pales slightly in comparison. The core is still entirely danceable—plump kicks and percussive rolls make up a beefy groove—but it's lacking in its predecessor's visceral energy. Tale Of Us's aforementioned Another Earth EP has been one of the biggest records of the summer. While Apart From Us may not hit those heights, it continues an interesting drive from Hawtin to diversify and widen Minus's reach.
  • Tracklist
      01. LA Riot 02. BCN Motion