Tin Man - Underdog EP Pt.2

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  • Tin Man's latest project, a two-part EP series on Austrian techno imprint Pomelo, was produced during a sixth-month stint enduring a recent New York winter. The second Underdog instalment connects with the first, before exploring other sides to the producer's take on meditative machine music. "Swarm"'s rolling drums lead straight on from Underdog Pt.1. In fact, as fuzzy 303s resonate across a crisp techno platform, you'll find it has more in common with that EP than it does with the two other tracks here. As dainty synth licks morph into fits of acid, a second thumping kick is added, giving "Swarm" a forceful, big-room feel. "Hack," with its coarse workout of jackhammer drums and razor-sharp stabs, is Tin Man at his most raw. "Rocky" sees him back on more recognisable territory, but as bassy 303s reverberate over chugging drums, it's still darker and less groovy than we've come to expect from the California-born producer.
  • Tracklist
      A Swarm B1 Hack B2 Rocky