Signal Flow - Dirty Hands EP

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  • Touch Of Class Records is a new operation run between New York and Berlin by Michael Tello (one-half of PillowTalk) and Ray Zuniga, who together form Signal Flow. The Dirty Hands EP is their first full release. The title track, co-produced with Jonny Cruz, instantly aligns Signal Flow with the kind of robust, druggy club music pushed by Jamie Jones and Art Department. As eerie synths writhe over the track's low-slung gait, vocalist Aquarius Heaven accentuates the record's dark energy with his smooth, sordid flow. Groovy and full of attitude, it brilliantly captures the essence of this sound. "Dirty Lips" is just as sleazy, if a little more club-ready. Navid Izadi's suggestive lyrics saunter across a dynamic fusion of buff bass hits and plump synths. (For those who find the vocals a little oily, an instrumental version is included.) Izadi's "40oz Of Acid Dub" looks on paper to offer a deeper take on the original, but an incongruous set of whistles wash away the initial layers of grime.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Dirty Hands A2 Drug Lips (Navid Izadi 40Oz Of Acid Dub) B1 Drug Lips B2 Drug Lips (Instrumental Mix)