Peter Van Hoesen - Receiver 3/3

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  • A half dozen producers were asked to remix cuts from Peter Van Hoesen's 2012 LP Perceiver, and the result is a series of three Receiver records, put out over the past few months. The first two have offered surprisingly unremarkable fare, given the names involved: versions from Sigha, Ø [Phase] and SCB were DJ-friendly but largely listless, while Donato Dozzy's beatless take was only a little less so. The project's final release, from Marcel Fengler and Neel, is better all around. Fengler's remix of "Inspection In Solitude" takes away much of the depth and delicacy from the original, opting instead for muscular lead riffs and fast-ticking percussion. It's a proper rave tool and a solid addition to the Berliner's catalog. But for tuned-in heads, this record's main draw is probably the rare solo effort from Neel, the Italian artist, mastering engineer and Dozzy's Voices From The Lake collaborator. With his floor-ready interpretation of "Objects From The Past," Neel builds rolling, textured drums while cleverly using the original's glimmering tones as a coda. It might bring to mind VFTL's stomping "Reptilicus" on Geophone earlier in the year, though overall this one is more subdued. Either way, it's certainly the best thing to come from the Receiver series.
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      A Inpection In Solitude (Marcel Fengler Remix) B Objects From The Past (Neel Remix)