Dusky - Careless

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  • There's a sense of déjà vu at the opening notes of Dusky's latest on Aus. The London duo has played a large part in the label's rebirth as the home of garage-tinged house, and "Careless," with its big room bass riff and vocal loop veering through pitches, is just as anthemic as the ubiquitous "Nobody Else," a huge hit for the label earlier this year. Those exhausted by everything singalong and lightly swung may well switch off there, but once "Careless"'s swishy hi-hats fade, the EP reveals more nuance. "Esperanto Juggler," with its hypnotising arpeggios and plunging sub, trades its predecessor's sunniness in for something more paranoid. "Rise For Love" is all bass rumble and stabs, like a Kerri Chandler record where the sexual funk has been replaced with leering violence. "Words Later On" tempers its chunky bass and twirling "to be alone" chants with pads that growl and shriek beneath a veil of reverb. None of it's especially innovative, but that won't diminish its dance floor impact. Besides, as the nights grow longer, we need anthems with a touch more grit.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Careless A2 Rise For Love B1 Esperanto Juggler B2 Words Later On