Autre - Chapter 5

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  • Never Learnt's first three releases, from Nyra, October & Borai and Christopher Rau, tended towards the monochrome. Focusing firmly on beats over hooks, the label combined depth and rigour in a way that's proved popular with DJs like Spencer Parker and Nick Höppner, jocks who tend towards the long-term effects of layering and groove, rather than tracks with immediate impact. With that in mind, this label debut from Venetian producer Autre fits Never Learnt's remit perfectly. Lying somewhere between subterranean grumble and elegiac deep house, there's a deft contrast between the sides. Both tracks on the A unfurl lush pads amid percussion that twitters over plump subs, with "FW" offering a slightly more expansive approach to melodies than "Chapter 5." The B's offerings are trackier. "Test 7369" especially is minimalist almost to a fault, milking its gurgles and moans until you long for the introduction of some new noise. And though "The Unphysical Journey" has more to distinguish it, you won't be whistling it the morning after. But then, this is music that values atmosphere over the individual moment.
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      A1 Chapter 5 A2 FW B1 Test 7369 B2 The Unphysical Journey