Lawrence - Film & Windows

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  • Over the course of countless EPs and five full-lengths, Lawrence has zeroed in on a sound so calm and melodic it could be prescribed as audio therapy for an over-active mind. Much more than just deep house, the German producer's music is infused with a free-flowing, ambient serenity. As such, Film & Windows comes as no surprise. Each of its 11 tracks is like a sonic lava lamp: molten, pleasingly synthetic and endlessly absorbing. The production throughout is so soft-focus and hypnotic, it's as if the music has no real beginning, middle or end. It's dreamscape stuff layered with gorgeous pads that disappear off to the horizon so subtly that you do too. But never too far—though the album is bookended by two beatless pieces, Lawrence hasn't gone full-on ambient just yet. There's always a brisk kick drum or ticking hi-hat to keep you locked into the pillow-y, wavelike rhythms. It's beautiful music, basically, that ranges from shuffling and suggestive on "Kurama" to tragically uplifting on "Creator (Final Call)." Films & Windows is a colourful album, too, smeared as it is with muted hues and faded neon trails. Throughout every track, blurry patterns emerge and evolve over time, all gracefully suspended in subtle grooves that could just as easily send you off to sleep (in a good way) as they could caress you into dancing.
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      01. The Opening Scene 02. Marlen 03. In Patagonia 04. Films & Windows 05. Etoile Du Midi 06. Lucifer 07. Kurama 08. Angels At Night 09. Har Sinai 10. Creator (Final Call) 11. Teenage Barb