Kobosil - ----- EP

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  • On his debut for Unterton, the sister label of Ostgut Ton, Kobosil delivers a four-track EP of accomplished if dour techno. "Contact" pairs stoic kicks with insistent claps and a menacing synth line, the percussion and synth ebbing in and out so that each element is at some point exposed and gleaming. "Aggregate" is less stark, its muscular kicks offset by chord stabs that add a dash of welcome colour to an otherwise monochrome EP. "Osmium" may be a no-nonsense four-to-the-floor track, but its subtly ranging dynamics and brisk snares give it a fluid, kinetic quality. That energy is short-lived, though, and the EP's B-side closes with the murky ambient-techno track "Herschel." Massive, lonely kicks resonate powerfully, with chilly gusts billowing throughout the track's yawning spaces. Kobosil is a perfectly fine producer, but the humourless restraint of - ----- will mean that, outside very specific circles, it will be nobody's favourite.
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      A1 Contact A2 Aggregate B1 Osmium B2 Herschel
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