Holy Ghost! - Dumb Disco Ideas

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  • "Dumb Disco Ideas" is the first single from Brooklyn duo Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel's forthcoming second album, Dynamics. To hear it, you might think they'd abandoned the '80s new wave/electro pop feel of their first record for a more punk-funk DFA sound. Early listens to Dynamics quickly dispel that notion—the prominent influences of their debut are still there; "Dumb Disco Ideas" is by far the most classically DFA-sounding thing on it. The label's old trademarks pepper the track, from a bounding drumbeat and cowbells, to a rubbery bassline and multiple vocal-led builds, to synth-freakout climaxes. It would be foolish to expect something revolutionary from Holy Ghost!—that's not what they're here for—but when a familiar template is carried off with this much skill only a churl would complain too bitterly.
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      A Dumb Disco Ideas B Dumb Disco Ideas (Instrumental)