Telephones & DJ Fett Burger - Rytmenarkotisk / Tutti Frutti Del Mar

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  • Sex Tags Mania is a multi-pronged operation: you've got the main label, plus Sex Tags Amfibia and Sex Tags UFO (there's also Wania, DJ Sotofett's other label). It's not exactly clear what sets each one apart, but Sex Tags UFO seems to be where the Norwegian crew put their most club-friendly material. Past 12-inches from DJ Fett Burger (Sex Tags co-founder, Sotofett's brother), Krisp (AKA Bjørn Torske), DJ Grillo Wiener and DJ Candle In The Wind (who knows) have all traded the crunchy weirdness of Sex Tags Mania for something warmer and disco-flavored. This continues on Rytmenarkotisk / Tutti Frutti Del Mar, which might be the friendliest record Sex Tags has ever put out. Rytmenarkotisk / Tutti Frutti Del Mar introduces a lesser-known Norwegian artist: Telephones, real name Henning Severud, a producer from Bergen who's released just one other 12-inch. Based on these two tracks, he seems more in line with the likes of Lindstrøm and Todd Terje than Sotofett and co: "Rytmenarkotisk" and "Tutti Frutti Del Mar" are disco-house bombs with thick basslines, clean kick drums and a nice tropical sheen. Fett Burger joins in on the latter, and the result is a bit rougher and tripper, thanks in part to a backdrop of what sound like exotic birds chirping away in a rainforest. That sound continues onto "Burger Trip," a drumless sketch by Fett Burger that funnels into a locked groove. Strangely enough, this might be the most memorable thing on the EP. Telephones' tracks are fun, but could do with a bit more personality—something his hosts have in spades.
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      A Telephones - Rytmenarkotisk B1 Telephones & DJ Fett Burger - Tutti Frutti Del Mar B2 DJ Fett Burger - Burger Trip