Wareika - Madame Scorpion

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  • Of the ever-increasing group of live dance music acts, Wareika have been among the least bothered with making music you can actually dance to. Their records tend to unfurl over the merest hints of four-four percussion, rippled with parping horns and piano riffs, and their albums, especially, have tended to have only a tangential association with dance floors. But the first single from their upcoming album for Visionquest seems to indicate a new appreciation for late-night sounds. Bar the flickers of trumpet over distant strings, acoustic instruments have been packed away for "Madame Scorpion." Instead, basslines throb over drums targeted firmly at the floor, which stride as though running late for an urgent engagement. Compared to their back catalogue it's a remarkably electronic track, full of glistening machine sounds, but it all comes across as a little too synthetic. Its edges are too neat, too rounded, and it lacks the personality that made records like "Barracuda" so enticing. All of which, however, provides the perfect ingredients for a Henrik Schwarz remix. Never scared of grandiosity, he pushes the original's hidden trills to the fore, the piano lines oozing over a hefty bass riff. The changes from the original aren't radical, but Schwarz covers everything in a layer of polish that makes every soaring synth riff sparkle. It's unapologetically big room, and next to the original, about as self-effacing as a beauty pageant contestant.
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      A Madame Scorpion feat. Derek Kamm B Madame Scorpion (Henrik Schwarz Remix)