Ma Spaventi - Revolver EP

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  • Amsterdam-based Italian producer Marco Antonio Spaventi kicks off Paul "The Dog & Pony Show" Raffaele's new label with a bumper set of six tracks. Of the vinyl-only cuts, the beautiful and regal "La Valle Delle Lacrime" stands out. A silky, slow-motion blend of warm beats, poignant keys, woozy cymbals and a wandering synth line, it transported me back to some of Arovane's most gorgeous moments. The title track is a higher-tempo affair built around a sprightly bassline, keen hi-hats and fluttering keys. Mark E's "Revolver" remix maintains a similar pace but adds dollops of ethereality with an echoing, head-in-the-clouds synth melody. "The Sick Tape Dealer" spreads a foundation of low marimba over more warm and fuzzy beats and subtle synth nibs, exploring similar cosmic territory as parts of Skatebård's oeuvre. The digital-only tracks are headed up by a beatless version of "La Valle Delle Lacrime" that would be the perfect soundtrack to an indulgent bath. "Slowmo," meanwhile, clicks and pops along in pleasant, inoffensive style, its percussion complemented by oscillating synth swooshes and a pleasingly lethargic bassline.
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      A1 Revolver A2 Revolver (Mark E Remix) B1 La Valle Della Lacrime B2 The Sick Tape Dealer Digital: La Valle Della Lacrime (Beatless Version) Digital: Slowmo