Gingy & Bordello - Saturday Night Fervor

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  • Turbo's Warehouse Series features records from the party end of the techno scale. Gingy & Bordello pitch up on the Montreal label with two tracks that ripple with taut, sinewy beats and a jet-propelled tempo. "Saturday Night Fervor" may hurtle along on a bed of jabbing kicks and wooshing snares, but it has another side to its personality. The rhythmic toughness is offset by disco samples and strangled synth chords. Things aren't as restrained on "All Day," which groans under the weight of a clanking bassline, sounding like your central heating is on the blink. You can imagine it's the sort of funk-fuelled romp that would have the Dave Clarkes of this world salivating. Robert Hood grabs hold of "All Day" and sends it into a world of classic Detroit synths, live hi-hats, toolroom percussion and a jacking bass thump. It's intricate and compulsive, but the snarling original is the one that pokes its head above the parapet.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Saturday Night Fervor A2 All Day B All Day (Robert Hood Remix)