Scan 7 Vs. Scan X - Final Destiny / Transit

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  • The very brilliant F Communications are up to their old tricks again with this great release from Scan 7 and Scan X. 2 tracks from both artists, with both complimenting each other, and both doing the famous label justice. The smooth strings and effected vocals open up Final Destiny by Scan 7. The drum patterns flows at a good pace while the higher end sounds give the track a nice uplifting feel. The balance in this production is great, as the beats flow at a good pace while the intricate pads and sounds smother beats and make this a smooth as silk production. Scan X then take us on a 7 minute journey to psychedelic techno land with a very upbeat dance floor killer in Transit. From the word go, the track is at peak time with furious beats and a droning baseline that gives this production a very high energy level. The electro sounds rise in and out of the production in great style, much like the baseline, culminating in a truly great display of banging techno at its finest. It’s quite hard not to really like this release. 2 contrasting production on each side, with the smooth and delightful Final Destiny for the early set moments while the immense Transit is sure to do some serious damage late in the night. Great stuff coming out of this French label at the moment.