Damiano von Erckert - Love Based Music

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  • Not long after he started his ava. label, Damiano von Erckert declared that he wanted to change perceptions about Cologne, his hometown. Many people see the city's music scene as being all about Kompakt, pop techno and kosmische, but for three years now, von Erckert has been proving that the city can do house music, too. So far so good: Funkycan, Murat Tepeli and Marcus Worgull have all contributed to ava.'s dusty house canon. Love Based Music, the boss's second album (first solo) in a little over six months, does just the same. In fact, marbled throughout with the crackle of vinyl, Love Based Music goes one further and takes us on a whirlwind tour of everything from forgotten funk to super sweet soul via dishevelled disco. A lot is crammed into its modest 50 mintues, and the cumulative effect is one of pure off-the-cuff fun (none more so than the previously released "Housem," a rough and ready vocal track in the style of Omar-S's classic "Day.") Tracks often begin in full flow and fade out without warning. The cartwheeling percussive groove of "No Good Times" is as authentic a piece of vintage funk as you will find from any era, and the lazy disco swing of "Hollywood" sounds like something you'd have seen on Soul Train back in the '70s. There are more serious moments buried within the album—most notably the Motor City Drum Ensemble remix of "Adhab Ya Msafiri," with its detuned synth notes and muddled percussion—but they fit into the overall picture perfectly. Love Based Music is an album of emotion enhancers that get their work done quickly and leave you revelling in the warm residual glow long after they finish playing.
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      01. All Good 02. No Good Times 03. French Porsche (Drums By Funkycan) 04. Hollywood feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow 05. Housem 06. Adhab Ya Msafiri feat. Imam Ally-Salaam 07. Sweet And Kind 08. Reallove feat. Tito Wun AKA Twit One 09. Adhab Ya Msafiri feat. Imam Ally-Salaam (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)