Dino Sabatini Meets Donato Dozzy - Journey Back To Ithaca

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  • Since launching two years ago, Outis Music has been an outlet for the Berlin-based artist Dino Sabatini and a few friends from his hometown of Rome. Gianluca Meloni and Giorgio Gigli have both appeared on the label, and now Sabatini brings Donato Dozzy aboard for Journey Back To Ithaca, a collaborative two-tracker of the label's usual business: steely, cerebral techno. "Telemachus" and "Penelope" are each around five and a half minutes long, with BPMs in the lower 120s. The former, which works with rolling percussion and ghastly shrieks that twist and turn through the mix, packs a climactic wallop in the middle. "Penelope"'s drum work is more firmly 4/4, but it has a similarly tense atmosphere. It should appeal to DJs in search of early-set gloominess. All in all, the duo's assertive (and heavy) rhythmic approaches, along with their penchant for detailed sound design, make Journey Back To Ithaca another solid release for Outis Music.
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      A Penelope B Telemacus