TEED & Eats Everything - Lion, The Lion

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  • UK heavyweights Eats Everything & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs come together for "Lion, The Lion," which was produced exclusively for the latter's recent Get Lost VI mix on Crosstown Rebels. Beefing up the package is 4Lux boss Gerd, who turns out two club-ready remixes. The original is an odd sort of record. Its intro sees a pumping kick play out beneath a patchwork of bleeps, soft ripples and the sound of a woman drawing breath. Instead of the expected gut-wrenching bassline, we get a set of solemn techno synths. The track's composition is interesting, even if its impact is slightly flat. Gerd's interpretations are anything but. The "Sub Tech" mix builds a thumping intro before dropping into the infectious four-note lead line. The original's klaxon is put to good use, adding flare to Gerd's tough, groovy roll. The "Deep Dub," meanwhile, drops straight into the action. Save for that feature, it's much the same track.
  • Tracklist
      A Lion, The Lion B1 Lion, The Lion (Gerd's Sub-tech Mix) B2 Lion, The Lion (Gerd's Deep Dub)