Orson Wells - Never Lonely No More EP

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  • Following his inclusion on the Lifesaver Compilation back in April, Frankfurt's Orson Wells returns to LARJ for his full solo debut. As with "At Play" (a record RA's Nick Connellan described as conjuring up "idyllic scenes") "Never Lonely No More" invokes similar feelings of gentle, temperate climes. Nowhere is this more the case than on "Leaving." Leading with an incandescent synth line, Wells adorns this centrepiece with various sonic flourishes, from starry chimes to deft 303s. It's a deep and engaging example of a bricolage approach to house music. From here the EP slowly rises from its initial profundity, with "Searching" adding in some intent through a robust synth line. "Jungle Warrior" is tougher still, as flamboyant percussion and piercing synths make for a driving sense of purpose. The title track, with its techy, incisive edge, is the most markedly dance floor track, albeit gilded with the emotive flair that's becoming Wells' trademark.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Leaving A2 Searching B1 Jungle Warrior B2 Never Lonely No More