HNNY - Mys / Kela

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  • There's something old-fashioned about HNNY's debut EP for Let's Play House, but for once, it's not old-fashioned house. Rather, "Mys" has an AM Gold vibe, with clean melodies and group vocal lines—it's not often you hear harmonies like this on a deep house tune. They're complemented by a warm bassline that hugs the vocals without dominating the track. "Kela" uses garage-style cut-ups instead, placing them alongside kitschy saxophone snippets and breezy organs, recalling a different era of vintage altogether. Fellow Swedes Shakarchi & Straneus slow it down to a more disco pace, reveling in the newfound space by warming up the bassline and drenching the other elements in delay. But it's Young Marco who has the star turn, with his no-holds-barred take on "Mys." Completely disregarding the chilled-out soul of the original, the Dutchman ties the bassline to the kick drum to make it a stomper. And once the high-pitched lead comes in, it's game over, pecking out a sing-song melody that'll make you forget the original even existed.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Mys A2 Mys (Young Marco Remix) B1 Kela B2 Kela (Shakarchi & Straneus Remix)