Selvy - Keep It Comin'

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  • If you fancy bumping up your deep house credentials, getting Brothers' Vibe to remix your debut EP is a good start. Another, especially if you're Polish, is to release it on Your Mama's Friend, the label owned by Marcin Czubala, the country's foremost exponent of emotionally wrought house music. After that, just make sure the bongos are in the right place, and that your spoken word vocal comes from somewhere appropriately meaningful. On "Brother," Selvy opts for a Gil Scott-Heron speech on degrees of blackness. Elsewhere, the deep house checklist fills up just as quickly. Kicks stomping over subdued strings and bells? Check the title track, which also gives us a chopped up soul vocal. Brothers' Vibe's version wisely ditches it, preferring to focus on a bassline that could have been snipped from a Trevino record. Selvy carries the same drums into "Journey," this time with piano chords that fall just the right side of saccharine. "Brother" slows things down, with gloopy low-end, synthetic sparkle and rattling drums, forming the EP's strongest and most creative moment. It's just a shame about that vocal.
  • Tracklist
      01. Keep It Comin 02. The Journey 03. Brother 04. Keep It Comin (Brothers’ Vibe Body Mix)