Silkie - The Lost Tapes Vol. I

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  • As the press release explains, the six productions in The Lost Tapes Vol. I are the product of Silkie "digging deep into his computer archives." The implication is that these tracks aren't new, but we're not told just how old they are. Solomon Rose's music has long seemed to aspire to timelessness—his softening of dubstep's sharper edges with sleek G Funk melodies has produced some excellent results over the years. But lately the stasis of his discography has become difficult to look past. Tellingly, these tracks could have been written at almost any time during Rose's five-year relationship with Deep Medi Musik. As usual, Rose strikes a careful balance between the two sides of his music. On one hand we have soulful introspection (the coasting "Daylight Savings"), on the other controlled aggression ("Time Delay" and "Anymuzik"). The only real misfire here is "Jazz Dub," a track slavishly faithful to its title, whose janky piano and prim triplet swing fall the wrong side of slapstick. Elsewhere, it's hard to deny Silkie's mastery of his form. The spacious "Preachers Pain" is particularly subtle, and "Boogs Noogs" sports a killer groove. But if you're looking for a fresh angle on the jazzy dubstep paradigm, Swindle's Long Live The Jazz might be a better place to start.
  • Tracklist
      A Preacher's Pain B1 Time Delay B2 Jazz Dub C Anymuzik D1 Boogs Noogs D2 Daylight Savings