Mark Fell - n-Dimensional Analysis

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  • Since starting out last year, Mute offshoot Liberation Technologies has released a clutch of stellar EPs by King Felix, Bandshell, Powell and British Murder Boys. The most recent single, from Mark Fell, who also makes music as Sensate Focus and is half of Snd, continues the label's sombre, experimental aesthetic with two long and percussive abstractions. At punishing speed, "Sections 1-7" and "Sections 8-14" take in a number of skeletal, stabbing rhythms, from a fast-ticking snare to a slew of breakneck drum pads, feeling more like little sensory assaults than tracks. It's compelling stuff: sometimes the beat settles into something that vaguely resembles a groove, before swerving into a different direction; the few snippets of melody only heighten the sense of disorientation. n-Dimensional Analysis may seem an exercise in randomness, but that's only Fell's curious internal logic at work, and his spartan rhythmic deviations are hugely enjoyable.
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      A Sections 1-7 B Sections 8-14