Donato Dozzy - 200 EP

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  • Earlier this year, the Rome-based music website capped off a five-part celebration of its milestone 200th podcast with a mix from hometown techno hero Donato Dozzy. His contribution, assembled from parts of 55 tracks produced by Roman artists and supplemented with an autobiographical essay, will likely rank as one of 2013's finest mixes. As icing on the cake, the site's label offshoot now offers up 200, an EP of three tracks extracted from that set. Dense, tumbling percussion, far-away voices and birdcalls, and all sorts of voodoo vibrations—this is supremely mesmerizing stuff. "200.1" and "200.2," the two shorter A-side tracks, come ready-made as tools for DJs looking to spice up their mixes, though the lush textures should appeal to listeners spacing out at home as well. The former weaves through syncopated drum patterns, while the latter's straight-ahead stomp conjures a slow-rising dab of acid. The flip side's "200.3" is the most intense of the three, its loops slowly grinding in and out of sync over the course of ten chaotic minutes. Dozzy's source material here also comes from Roman artists. Producers like Giorgio Gigli, Lerosa and Leo Anibaldi all appear in some form, making this just about as vibrant a celebration of Rome's electronic music scene as the 67-minute session from which it originated. But it's to his credit that, after masterfully gluing together all those pieces, the result sounds like it couldn't have come from anybody but Dozzy. Simply put, 200 is a fantastic addition to his catalog.
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      A1 200.1 A2 200.2 B 200.3