George Paar & Giorgio Gigli - Life Is Not Dead Yet

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  • George Paar is an alias of Jorge Castillo, a Montevideo-based producer and DJ, and the mind behind Par Recordings and its Par Wax vinyl offshoot. The labels have released much of the tough, unflinching techno he's been pushing in recent years, as well as music from a global roster of likeminded artists, from Alessio Pili of Italy to Japan's Yuji Kondo (who crafted a notably brain-searing digital EP as Ducerey Ada Nexino at the beginning of the year). The fifth Par Wax release, Life Is Not Dead Yet, sees Castillo link up with Rome's Giorgio Gigli for a pair of long, challenging cuts that might be too much for most. The original version is especially ruthless. Along with a low acidic throb, its main feature is a vice-like industrial riff whose hold loosens briefly in the middle. A nicely complementary variation from Gigli shows his soft spot for shadowy theatrics. Pulling back from the droning lead of the A-side, while pivoting on a few cleverly restrained transitions, it's a more mental than physical affair. Certain specialists will likely dig this two-tracker, though it does little to distinguish itself from most other dark and droning techno.
  • Tracklist
      A Life Is Not Dead Yet B Life Is Not Dead Yet (Giorgio Gigli Variation)