Kaito - Behind My Life

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  • Hiroshi Watanabe's first release since 2010 as Kaito finds Tokyo's resident Kompakt associate in consummate form. Given the soft-hearted, winsome feel of his usual output, "Run Through The Road In The Fog" kicks off the release in surprising fashion, with a stark, warehouse-ready beat. Relatively normal service is resumed as the track progresses: the beat is swaddled in soft, shimmering keys, dreamy pads and a wandering synth riff that brings to mind a softened, after-hours version of the lead from DJ Rolando's "Knights Of The Jaguar". "Behind My Life" makes glowing, slo-mo overtures from the get-go, building—via muffled beats, warming bass, sleepy pads and a chiming synth motif—to the kind of regal climax with which Kaito is so heavily associated. As with just about every record he releases, there's an air of effortless quality that touches everything here; the sound of an old master returning at his own unhurried pace.
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      A Run Through The Road In The Fog B Behind My Life