Henning Baer & Milton Bradley - K209 3

  • Published
    22 Aug 2013
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    July 2013
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  • Henning Baer's Grounded Theory parties are a Berlin stalwart, having hosted practically every big techno DJ you can imagine since they began in 2009. The K209 label is a collaborative effort between Baer and Milton Bradley, and their latest release—the third on the label—offers four tools that translate the raw and gloomy energy of Grounded Theory onto wax. Baer's "Promise" shivers with ballistic energy and an atmospheric grottiness. Though full of prickly metallic textures, it has as much dead space as it does forward motion. "Lucent Face" is subtler and yet more suited for peak time, with gulps of bass beneath a mesmerizing sequence of resonant bells. Bradley pursues a similarly tangled melody on the aptly-titled "Psychotropic," with metronomic radar sweeps suggesting an incoming threat, and a great bassline that rumbles and flexes throughout. Bradley builds "Emotional State Of Shock" off an evasive air-raid siren, but the main melody eventually gets detuned to leave a yawning gap of bass. It's full of microscopic details but outstays its welcome, losing effectiveness as it rumbles along.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Henning Baer - The Promise A2 Henning Baer - Lucent Face B1 Milton Bradley - Psychotropic B2 Milton Bradley - Emotional State Of Shock