The Amalgamation of Soundz - Fabric 12

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  • The lads from The Amalgamation of Soundz, Mark & Jean-Claude, have been immersed in music since they were both under 10 years of age. It then is no surprise then that this mix was always bound to encompass a great diversity of sounds. The opening to this cd is very down beat and atmospheric, a point emphasised by the beautiful ‘Helicopter’ by Cliff Martinez. ‘Heart Noir’ showcases some lovely violin string work by ICE as the mix remains melodic and beat less. The beats enter with a nice Instrumental production in ‘Htrs’ by Geche. ‘Meaning’ by Richard Davis gives the mix a nice boost as does the quirky Translation 3 mix of FSOL’s ‘Papua New Guinea’. The brilliantly moody ‘Simply So’ comes courtesy of The Amalgamation of Soundz themselves, and it also introduces Angelo D’Onorio’s ‘Save Your Soul’ which sees a lift in the tempo of the beats and flow of the mix. The ery funky ‘Systemizing’ by Jeff Bennett adds the groove to the mix, as does the appropriately titled ‘Groove Control’ by Soultek. The mix ends with a beautiful piece of music with the MKL Vs. Soysos Remix of ‘Beu Un Bey’ by Still Phil. It’s another pretty impressive addition to the Fabric series, adding a more downbeat and quirky element to the list of fine releases. If this sounds good to you, then I am sure it will deliver the goods.