Black Sites - Prototype

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  • Helena Hauff's debut came on Actress's Werkdiscs, and her second release follows on an equally acclaimed label: PAN. Prototype, a collaboration with fellow Golden Pudel resident f#x, isn't markedly different from Hauff's solo EP, but it imbues her rickety techno with a brighter disposition while remaining within the realm of analogue fetishism. "Prototype" pits vintage electro melodies against an overcooked kick drum and high-pitched shrieks. On first glance it's a simple (and satisfying) hardware jam, but the chugging acid line that belches from beneath and just barely surfaces shows the kind of detail the duo can generate with their equipment. It sounds like they're juggling elements on the fly, trying to keep their machinery running, while an occasional burst of noise reminds us that there are humans at work. For all its crooked edges, "Prototype" is catchy, and "N313P" even more so. Like a lost Oni Ayhun outtake, the overdriven drums and sizzling handclaps are a bed of hot coals for the lead to dance on as it heats up to its scuzzy climax. We already know the Golden Pudel residents are gifted DJs. These two tracks show they're just as promising as producers.
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      A Prototype B N313P