The Mole - History Of Dates

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  • "History Of Dates" begins The Mole's EP of the same name in relatively restrained fashion. Disembodied disco vocals, snatches of TV dialogue and a slowly twisting synth line fight for attention against a meaty rhythm section. "Lockdown Party," meanwhile, is very much a classic Mole affair. His best records often feel like sound collages glued to a house beat and this is a prime example. The track combines howling wolfs, chanting vocals, metronomic synth stabs and pitched-down spoken words. The original tracks are solid, but the glory is hogged by DJ Sprinkles' "Crossfaderama" remix. Taking the same sound collage concept as The Mole, Sprinkles goes overboard with blaxploitation film samples, crowd noises, cowbells and snatches of Fingers Inc.'s "Can You Feel It?" It's all put together in the style of a live DJ performance, as sounds are punched in and out seemingly on the fly. Filter sweeps and cross-fader cut-ups slice through the mix, ramping up the excitement as the track evolves. It's a bold expression, and is up there with the best tracks Perlon has released in recent years.
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      A1 History Of Dates A2 Lockdown Party B Lockdown Party (Sprinkles' Crossfaderama)