Hodge - Holographic Prose EP

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  • In the crowded Bristol electronic music pool, Jacob Martin has managed to find clear water. Away from his house collaborations with Matthew Lambert as Outboxx and his recent hook-up with Peverelist, he's conjured this gripping collection as Hodge, where he takes a more progressive (and we're not talking Digweed) approach without losing accessibility. Take the lead track, "Holographic Prose," where he captures the ground between experimentation and the dance floor in a similar manner to early Warp releases. Raw, analogue chimes ping back and forth, undercut by a rotor blade rhythm. Warm swells of synths occasionally surface. "Pressure" tethers a UK garage-style vocal snippet to broken techno drum patterns, muffled bass and bursts of interference. Hodge cools things down on "Monster," where the tranquil pads, industrial clanks and slo-mo pace of its first half bottom out into 8-bit squeals and groaning bass. The tempo marginally lifts for the fuzzy house of "Slowing Behaviour," meandering along to the rhythm of woodblock click-clacks and an arpeggiated melody. If we didn't already know it, Hodge is going places.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Holographic Prose A2 Pressure B1 Monster B2 Slowing Behaviour