Fantastic Mr Fox - The Trap

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  • "The Trap" and "Jackal Youth" are notably less adventurous than Fantastic Mr Fox's past releases. Gone are the idiosyncratic sampling and messed-up grooves of the Sa'nen, Sketches and Plimsoul EPs, and in their place is something cleaner and more functional. "The Trap" still has the nervy polyrhythms of earlier releases, but its pale piano chords and sample are unimaginative. The soul vocal, probably once rich with emotion, has here been filtered and chopped into something bland. Much better is "Jackal Youth," whose subtle tension and release, hyperactive drums and dollops of low-end are punctuated by a low "uh." Though The Trap is far from generic, it's hard to shake the feeling that as Fantastic Mr Fox's music becomes more club-friendly, it's losing the scruffy individualism that made his earlier releases so interesting.
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      A The Trap B Jackel Youth