Claude VonStroke - Can't Wait

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  • Though the Dirtybird sound is an established one, Claude VonStroke isn't as predictable as you'd think. In the case of "Can't Wait," his first solo single in a few years, the surprise is the track's restraint. All that carries VonStroke's boisterous personality is the typically excellent bassline, which undulates like mad beneath dignified keyboard playing. Every time the track is about to reach boiling point he takes it off the heat. It's not quite the club bomb you'd expect, but the tension it fosters will have its own effect on the dance floor. "The Clapping Track" is stale bread by comparison. Instead of the overused 808 handclap VonStroke uses audience noise, separating the excited crowd into individual blips before letting them collect in uproarious applause. It's an interesting idea, but saddled to a blasé tech house beat with some apathetic organ stabs, it's Dirtybird on autopilot.
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      A Can't Wait B The Clapping Track