Will & Ink - Fermat

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  • Raw, uncompromising warehouse techno is the agenda for the Dutch duo of Pieter "Presk" Willems and Felix Lenferink. Their solo releases may have historically tied them to 2-step and house, but there's no hint of that on Fermat's three tracks. Recorded using their own custom-built hardware, this is music for the heads-down, locked-in crew. "First Fermat" is built on a foundation of frantic kicks into which Willems and Lenferink layer gushing hi-hats, hollow bass synths and drums that tighten and loosen on a giddying loop. It's a thrilling, untamed stallion of a record that's already grabbed the attention of Surgeon and Ben Sims. Will & Ink apply the funk on "Second Fermat." In contrast to the linear, pile-driving A-side, the rhythm has more of a skip, and the use of a cut-up vocal—albeit heavily treated—lends it a more organic feel. The final, most skeletal of the three tracks splices a fuzzy, security-alarm pulse to a bassline that initially just lags behind the kick by half a second or so. It's a subtle technique that helps Will & Ink turn something ordinary into something compelling.
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      A First Fermat B1 Second Fermat B2 Third Fermat