Dan Bodan - Anonymous / Anonymous (The Uno Remixes)

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  • Berlin-based producer Dan Bodan is one of the newer signings to DFA, and his singer-songwriter fare is more subdued than we're used to from the New York label. "Anonymous," his latest single, feels confessional, like a private bedroom recording. Bodan's production is suitably understated, with just a weeping melodic figure and a rudimentary rhythm section. The real star is his voice, which quivers as it rises and falls through each line, powerful but slightly fragile. DJ Richard's remix takes the subtly dark undercurrent and fuzzes up the chord progression, making for a dark monstrosity. The single is supported by a separate release that includes three remixes from the ever-inventive UNO roster. Fur goes the weirdest, reducing "Anonymous" to tiny pieces before re-assembling it into an even rougher track than DJ Richard's version. On the opposite end of the scale, Gobby's remix saturates the mix with a warbly synth, as bits and pieces of Bodan's vocal poke through the haze. It's Kuhrye-oo who steals the show, though, fashioning a sort of UK garage that's faster and more sickly sweet than its archetype.
  • Tracklist
      01. Anonymous 02. Anonymous (DJ Richard Remix) 01. Anonymous (Fur Remix) 02. Anonymous (Gobby Remix) 03. Anonymous (Kuhrye-oo Remix)