DJ Rashad - I Don't Give a Fuck EP

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  • DJ Rashad has a wicked way with a vocal sample. On his follow-up to the excellent Rollin' EP, the footwork producer uses vocal snippets as the backbone for his tracks, mangling and mutating them until they take on a malevolent life of their own. Sometimes he lets the sneering sample of the title track ("I don't give a fuck… You ain't gonna be shit") do the talking, leaving it by itself apart from a swishy pad, but the track really gets going when the jittery snare rolls and sustained, high-pitched bleeps build the tension and drive everything forward. "Brighter Dayz" is even better, flipping the vocal from the euphoric house track into something scruffier and darker. Despite being jam-packed with careering percussion—from the thump of an 808 to ticking hi-hats and junglist breaks—it never feels too busy. Burning relatively slowly in its first half, "I Still Love You" becomes a dizzying network of high-pitched synths and skipping rhythms. Rashad subjects the titular vocal sample to so much compression and repetition that it takes on a sarcastic quality. More in the vein of "Rollin," "Way I Feel" is hookier than the other tracks. With its melancholic chords, diva sample and relative spaciousness, it brings the EP to an unexpectedly romantic close.
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      A1 DJ Rashad - I Don't Give A Fuck A2 DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn - Brighter Dayz B1 DJ Rashad & Freshmoon - Everybody B2 DJ Manny & DJ Rashad - Way I Feel